Do You want to Be Part of a Patriotic Like-Minded Community to Increase Your Confidence, Strengthen Your Courage and Maximize Capitalism in America?


John Di Lemme’s Conservative Millionaire Mastermind Club is Now Accepting Memberships...

Are You Ready to Join a Community of Patriots who Love America and are Ready to Take Back Our Nation?

When you decide to Join the Conservative Millionaire Mastermind Club, you’ll gain Confidence and Courage as a proud Member of our Exclusive Community that will Make Capitalism Great Again in America.

John and Christie Di Lemme developed this *MEMBER ONLY* Club for people who want to join forces with like-minded Patriots in a private, behind-closed-doors Masterminding environment and learn how to use their own strengths to make a difference in their own lives, communities, and ultimately our country.

What Exactly is John Di Lemme's Conservative Mastermind Club All About?

The Conservative Mastermind Club is an Elite Network of Like-Minded, Success Driven Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Hard-Working Patriots from All Walks of Life who Mastermind Together to Learn from the Collective Experience of the Group and Ultimately Take Their Lives to the Next Level Under the Mentorship of John Di Lemme, a Conservative Titan in the Industry of Motivation & Marketing.

Masterminding is defined as coordination of knowledge and effort, in a focused atmosphere, between like-minded people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.

Ultimately, it means deciding to surround yourself with people who will challenge you think bigger, smarter, wiser and take faithful action like you have never done before. The #1 result of Masterminding is that you’ll crush limiting beliefs that are holding you back and achieve levels in your life and business you’ve only dreamed about in the past.

Now is the time to make it happen, and the Conservative Mastermind Club will make that happen for You!

Why Should You Join this Exclusive Mastermind Club?

To be direct... The reason that you should join this Club is because you cannot do this alone. Conservatives must unite and stand as one. It’s “We The People” not “Me The People.”

Together we’ll win, but apart America will continue to fall. Our Conservative foundation is slowly being chipped away by the radical left. We must restore its strength and protect our values by aligning ourselves with our fellow Patriots who share our beliefs.

Your Conservative Millionaire Mastermind Club Membership Includes…

  • LIVE *2* Day Member Only Mastermind Events featuring John Di Lemme and his handpicked, best of the best Conservative Speakers and Life-Changers (limited to 50 Members)
  • A Limo Ride to a Private Dinner at a High-End Restaurant in the Palm Beaches after the Event with Other VIP Club Members and Speakers
  • Monthly, Exclusive Member Only Zoom Events with LIVE Q & A and messages from John & Christie Di Lemme plus Special Surprise Guest Appearances
  • Access to the audio recordings of the full *2* Day Mastermind Events
  • Special Conservative Millionaire Mastermind Club pin that only Members will own
  • Private Member Only Facebook Page, Special Discounts, and More!

LIVE Mastermind Events

The Conservative Millionaire Mastermind Club Events are jam-packed with networking and masterminding with your fellow Patriot Members.

Plus you’ll enjoy Special Messages from John Di Lemme and top Conservative Speakers focusing on Confidence, Capitalism, Community and Courage.

During this 16 hour roundtable workshop, you’ll be empowered, encouraged, and educated on how to fight back against the radical left by taking your life and business to the next level in order to bring real change to yourself, your family, your community, your state, and ultimately your nation.




Interested in discovering more about the Conservative Millionaire Mastermind Club? Then Click the Button below to Schedule a call with one of our Team Members.

The one-on-one, private call is scheduled during a time that is convenient for you — allow our team to explain the benefits of the Club and answer any questions that you have.

Most calls last approximately 30 minutes. However, you have our team member's undivided attention so you'll have as much time as you need to fully understand how the Club will impact your life and bring real change to America.

After all, your future and the future of our nation is a serious matter that we don't take lightly. We are here for you.

Let’s Keep America Great and Make Capitalism Great Again!

John & Christie Di Lemme